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Tornador Towel
The technology
The absolut newly developed rotate-set in the nozzle of the new Tornador BLACK cares for a more powerful and faster cleaning as by Tornador CLASSIC. For professional car valeting companies the new Tornador BLACK is a must-have! You'll save time, energy and nerves, because the new Tornador BLACK works more powerful and more efficient on less air-pressure than Tornador CLASSIC.
The operation area

Of course the Tornador BLACK serves all cleaning areas of the Tornador CLASSIC.

Furtherone you now can remove persistent spots like e.g. chewing gum easily and in a very short time.

Accurate apportioning

By the provided air-regulator you were now able to change the working pressure directly on the tool and also to dose the capacity of chemicals accurately.

Cleaning equipment for pros

The Tornador-Serie was developed for professional use and should be handled by specialised staff only. The finest spraying of chemicals requires safety measures for the user as it is written in the manual. Breathing mask and ear-protection should be self-evident by working with the Tornador BLACK.

The perfect complement
We have developed a special drying cloth for residue-free absorption of surplus liquids. The Tornador Towel.
  • absorbs water 3x faster
  • absorbs 50% more water than conventional window cleaning clothes
  • resistant to oil and grease
  • washable up to 30° C
  • for gentle drying of sensitiv finishs
  • dries without smears or lints
The Tornador - "family"
  • Z-010 Tornador CLASSIC
  • Z-011 Tornador FOAM
  • Z-014 Dry-cleaning-gun
  • Z-014 Cleaning adaptor
  • Microfibre cloth Tornador Micro
  • Drying cloth Tornador Towel
  • Car cleaning brush